Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 18 → Your Views on Gay Marriage.

We live in an age where rights are supposed to be equal for all, so it would only be logical that gay marriage should be legal, but logic doesn't enter into it when our lawmakers are involved.  I believe that  marriage, be it gay or straight,  is not something which anyone should need to make a case for, yet reality tells us differently. Making a case in favor of gay marriage should actually a very simple thing to do, that is, assuming that everyone keeps their minds open to the fact that while all people are different, we all have the same basic human need...the need to love and loved. 

When you sit back and think of it, historically, the freedom of marriage wasn't always granted between races, and wasn't too long ago that hubby and I would be frowned upon...I, the pale, blue-eyed Caucasian and he, the handsome dark  Dominican.  Mixed couples were just not the social norm.   Oh, how we would have been scorned!...and, I shudder to think of the treatment any children we may have had would have endured.  I know from first-hand experience that children can be so cruel, and children of interracial marriages were  once easy prey. 

In fact, I know how it feels to be ostracized.  I was often victimized by my ex-husband's family during our tumultuous marriage.  No matter what I did, I was never excepted into that family...and the reason?  Simply that I was Irish, and they were Italian...and they resented that their son married someone not of their nationality.  As a result, they treated me badly throughout our marriage.  No matter how much he may have abused me, I must have deserved it.  I especially loved the old saying 'All Irish are drunks'.... 

....and this saying didn't come from nowhere.  As you know,  I love working with archetypes and mythology... especially Jung or or Joseph Campbell.  So, as an addiction counselor, the title Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction really caught my eye.  Very interesting book to say the least.   Descriptions of the early Northern Celtic and Germanic peoples show that heavy drinking to intoxication was common, and as warriors, mead was usually a prelude to battle for effects of alcohol ameliorated the fear of injury or death in armed conflict. It has been said that their strength  lay in the ferocity of the first onslaught. They were powerful warriors with a power generated by a belief in the afterlife, a desire to gain glory, and a battle hysteria created by the building crescendo of noise and chanting, which, by the way, was often enhanced by alcohol.   Furthermore, it was found among these groups that heavy drinking was important for religious and socio-political ceremonies.  Could this be a part of the collective unconscious that we of Irish descent inherit?

Okay, so now I have done it.  Once again I have completely diverged from the original content of this post.  Yes, it is true; sometimes my mind tends to wander and other times, all it takes it one word to spin me off in another direction altogether.  Sorry.  So, what are my views on gay marriage?  I believe in love....plain and simple.  If two people have feelings about each other, I say, let them be happy.  Who are we to say who can and who cannot get married?


  1. I believe in all acts of freedom. As long as no one is being harmed. X.

  2. Im say, to each their own.My mother and father raised one of my nephews.
    He's gay and married the same month and year gay marriages were allowed in MA.
    We ( their families) attended and I made their cake.
    One of hubby's brothers is gay and has lived with his partner for 40 + years.
    Live and let live and worry about something that affects your own life is the way I look at this.

  3. It goes without saying that I support same sex marriage too! It has been legal in Canada here for a few years now and, last time I checked, the sky had not fallen.

  4. I have not been able to understand how people say that allowing homosexual marriage will effect everyone's lives??? how??? anyway...if a church does not want to sanction homosexual marriage, they don't have to, but the states should accept anyone wanting to get married...

  5. My spiritual views on this are quite simple given the fact that we are all spiritual beings on a human journey. And since we are spiritual beings on a journey, and created in the likeness of the Creator, then we are androgynous, with equal parts male/female within. And of course I am in total alignment with marrying who you love! :) Love knows no boundaries and I really get on my bandwagon with this issue.
    I love that you brought this to everyone's awareness...Good for You! Sometimes we need to be reminded of issues that make us speak out for human rights.
    Have a spectacular day Mary!

  6. I don't want Rules made, for me. So I don't like Rules made, for others. [Other than the don't-hurt-some-one-else, of course, but that's common sense]

    Truthfully, I do feel sorry for the children of non-traditional marriage though. So young, to be thrown into the web of ridicule and etc. -sigh-

    So, a conundrum, again, hu?

  7. And since I'm Irish, German, Scottish and Austrian, I like your "tangent" too. :-)