Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

There may be no trumpet sound or loud applause when we make a right decision, just a calm sense of resolution and peace.

Gloria Gaither

Good morning, and a happy new week to all.  Hope its a good one for all.  It's a fairly cool morning here, and it is feeling so good.   It's been awfully hot here in Brooklyn.

Didn't do much at all this weekend.  On Friday I went for my haircut.  Was a little annoyed because my appointment was the first one at 10 am and the moment she walked in she took two walk ins when there were four other hairdressers working.  I arrived ten minutes prior to my appointment.  Definitely on time.  But, I didn't act out and raise a stink.  Wouldn't do no good and only make me feel worse in the long run. 

What did annoy me was a FB comment.  See, one thing I do when I am flustered or angry is write down my feelings and then let them go.  Once written and sent out into the universe, they are gone. So, I wrote out my frustration on FB:  

'Don't you just hate this when it happens? I specifically called yesterday and set a 10 am appointment. I arrive ten minutes early and discover that she is just starting to cut and blow dry someone else's hair. So here I sit. Why set appointments if they are not going to be honored?'

Nothing really harsh there.  Just my feelings.   And most people agreed with me. Writing out my feelings is my way of letting them go, and if I'd had a journal with me I would have written them down.  Then on Saturday I get this from someone who NEVER comments on any of the positive things I write on my blog.

"i know- but things happen- n u have to remember - if it were u in the chair u'd hope n pray the next person in line would be understanding---i hate waiting too but i always try to remember n not to get sourfaced- cuz in the end- i'm just making a treat for myself turn into a bad day for myself- BUT I LOVE YA ANYWAYS!!!"

Maybe she meant nothing by it, maybe she meant to be critical.  I don't know, but I found myself annoyed by this. And from the PM's I got, I don't think I was exaggerating  I don't think her comment was called for because in no way did I say anything about being a sourface about the whole affair.  Just voiced my feelings.  I think it's time to unfriend.

I am even dreaming about this guy upstairs now. There hasn't been any middle of the night noise since the last time, but it's something that sticks with me. Well, that is not entirely true.  On Friday he started in at midnight and went on for an hour. When I go to bed at night, I wonder if I am going to be rudely awaken again.

So, the other night I start hearing the upstairs noise. I look at the cable box. It's 4:58, his usual time to begin stirring. Banging on the pipes and writing notes has not worked, so this time I figure I will throw a shoe up to the ceiling. (I have 12 foot ceilings so I can't even reach it with a broom.) So I get up and begin looking for a shoe to throw. All very realistic, and if I wasn't searching through my summer shoes, I would have thought it really happened, but I had packed them away in the beginning of October.

And now, onto other things.  Saturday I cooked all day.  Ended up making six meals rather than five.  Had all the ingredients for a rosemary chicken and potatoes ready when I discovered I already used the chicken in another it was a quick defrost and in the oven it went.  On Sunday I went to church, and then came home for a much needed rest.  

Found a great way to enjoy some winter fruit.  Made some baked apples. Took a baseline recipe and made it my own.

Apples (to be honest I don't even know what kind I bought )
1/4 cup salt free butter
1/2 cup fat free maple syrup
About 1 tsp vanilla

Peel, core, and slice apples. Put in greased bake pan. Mix all other ingredients in saucepan and stir while butter melts. Pour over apples and bake, covered for 20 minutes, uncovered for 10. Will warm and serve later with a dollop of fat free cool whip.

Have a good one. 


  1. That wasn't a negative comment what happened to you was rude and your feelings were completely justified and your attitude graceful!

  2. Sigh. Comments like that one make me think the person is trying to promote themselves as being perfect.
    You were expressing feelings. Perfectly valid feelings. But no, she is soooooo much more understanding than you are...