Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday This and That

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” 
Marcel Proust

Happy Monday of a holiday extra happy Monday to all you workers since for many of you it means a three day week.  When I was working, the long Thanksgiving holiday was always a welcome reprieve for me, but somehow it never seemed long enough because I always so busy.  It was time to dig out the tree and ornaments, and on Thursday, I would decorate the tree and then spread out the rest of the decorations over the weekend.   This year there will be no changes except that someone will have to place and tighten the tree stand for me.  I can't do it anymore.

Brrr!!! It is cold out there this morning, and there is a part of me that would love to stay in. Broke a 1949 record yesterday.  Alas, though, there is some last minute shopping to do.  My youngest begged me to make my mint brownies, a long time tradition from when they were children, but one that I have not done in several years.  I was always so busy with work that I had no time. No excuses now.  Besides,  I love tradition. Now, if my boys would only give me some grandchildren to pass them down to.

Despite the showery day, I did do my food shopping on Friday.  I figured that being the weekend before the holiday, the supermarket will most likely be packed on Saturday...and I have a thing for crowds.  I guess one would say I experience panic attacks.  My stress level shoots sky high, I begin to sweat, and at times I have even begun to cry. So to avoid all that necessary strain on my health, I headed out in the rain. It wasn't cold and actually, it was rather comforting.  Miracles do happen, and despite the rain, Friday turned into a relatively pain-free day for me, and I thoroughly took advantage of it. 

Just when I thought that  the aura of my old neighborhood could not get any darker,  it seems that it has.  I'm sure most of you have heard of the new teenage craze, 'the knockout game'.  Well, it seems to have struck in my old neighborhood.  I was watching the news on Friday night, and almost fell out of my chair when I saw that the latest attack in Brooklyn happened right in front of the bank I have my account in.  I was just there last week. 

We live in such an increasingly frightening world over which we seem to have no control.  Not only do we see countries attacking each other, but they attack each other in their own country.  And, many of today's teens find 'fun' in attacking and hurting others for no reason other than hurting someone. They call it a game, but it is far from it.  These kids are hurting everyone from elderly people, women, and even children.  They aim for unsuspecting, weak people who they believe can be knocked out with a single sucker punch....and people are dying. This is the only thing they have to do with their lives? When I was 14/15 years old we would 'never' have thought of hurting someone for the fun of it.  The worst we did were crank phone calls or ring doorbells and run away.

What are the answers?  I don't have any. Admittedly, it is tough to defend against a sudden attack, but each of us must be cautious when we leave our homes. The whole point of this so-called game is to catch one unaware, so if they see that you are on to them, you should be fairly safe. 

It is so sad that we live in a world where one has to constantly be on guard, but it is best to border on paranoia and be safe. Take my Sunday trip to the fruit stand, for example.  An innocent little trip that I have taken so many times without fear, yet when I crossed the street and saw a couple of young men milling about, my intuition kicked in and told me to be aware, so I looked right at them as I walked along.  They had probably just innocently run into each other and having a chat, but one cannot take chances nowadays.  

Be safe, be smart. Remember...

A ship in harbor is safe -- but that is not what ships are built for.
John A. Shedd
There is more danger in taking a ship out to sea but it is still worth it. 


  1. I am speechless. What is happening in the world?

  2. Yes, our news carried an item this weekend about the "knockout game." Crazy and scary. What is this world coming to?

  3. From what I understand it is some sort of take off from the Grand Theft Auto games. It is terrible that this is happening. On a lighter note, would you be willing to share your mint brownie recipe? :-)