Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Roundup

Hard to believe the big day is over. Seems it came and went like the speed of light. The party was nice, but not over soon enough. I knew I had to go shopping before going home and wanted to get there as soon as possible lest some children come to the house. I've always been working during the times the children went 'trick or treating' so I didn't know what to expect. I needn't have rushed, though. My bell didn't ring. Halloween is just not the same. Here are a few pictures I took at the party.
I had had someone take a picture of me, but alas,  I ended up deleting by mistake with the photos I was deleting.  I
My dinner didn't go over so well with hubby. It's funny how set in their ways he and his family are, and I suppose this goes for a lot of other Latino families as well.  Most of us are more than willing to try different ethnic foods, but they find it so hard to adjust to something new. Throughout the years I have managed to get him used to American food, on occasion Chinese or Italian, but my Hungarian Goulash with buttered noodles was too much for him, so I won't be making it anytime soon.

Afterwards I finished up the fun little Halloween book I had purchased, 'The Door to Halloween' by T. L. Barrett and Elizabeth Jenike. I'd been looking for a freebee Halloween tale for my Kindle, and this turned out to be a fantastic choice.  From the book description....

'How many of us have wished to find a door to some magical world beyond our own? And what trick-or-treater hasn’t desired that the delights of All Hallows Eve could last all the year round? In a fantasy adventure that will haunt the reader’s imagination, Harrison Brown follows his twin brother Max through just such a door and into just such a world. There they will find friendship and fellowship with werewolves and witches, talking dolls, hobos and goat-women. They will also embark on an adventurous quest to liberate the land of Halloween from the grasp of Reverend Bones and his army of Horned Ones. Turn around three times, take three steps forward and enter…The Door to Halloween.

You will marvel at this moving testament to the bonds of love that can break the barrier between worlds and restore joy to even the most burdened of hearts. In the magical tradition of Oz and Narnia, this fantasy tale celebrates the magic of the holiday and the child-like wonder which only waits to be awoken in each of us.'

I absolutely loved it.  Couldn't put it down once I started.  Later, I I lit my candles and spent some quiet time visiting with my ancestors.  I'm not going to the center today so I stayed up extra late.

As far as the weekend goes, aside from the All Soul's service I have nothing else planned.  I was telling hubby that it is so nice to have weekends free.  I think back to those bi-weekly Saturdays that I slaved in the kitchen cooking for two weeks and wonder how I ever did it for so long, but I didn't have choices back then. Basically I was the soul provider for the household so, as difficult on me as it was, I had to go to work. I am free to make choices today.

“Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content. No man can taste the fruits of autumn while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of the spring: no man can, at the same time, fill his cup from the source and from the mouth of the Nile.” 
Samuel Johnson
May you all have a magical weekend.  See you on Monday.


  1. Belated Samhain wishes to you, Mary! A new witchy year has begun!

  2. Looking at those photos it looks like everyone had a lot of fun, I was wondering if there was a photo of you in one of them, until I read on further.

    That book sounds like an interesting book you're reading.

    I no longer have the blog in which I had, for I deleted it.

    If you click onto my photo in this comment I'm leaving you here, Mary, my friend, it will take you to my new blog I created.

    Have a wonderful day.