Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Photo Day

"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil.
And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as from August to November."

Rose G. Kingsley

Gosh, here we are in September  already.  New York City's children headed back to school yesterday, and the bus wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.  For me, this time of the year always brings back some wonderful memories. When I was little, I loved  the first day of school, and yesterday as I watched the excitement of the children on the bus, I had to smile as memories  came flooding back. As I listened to the  the squeals of joy and laughter on the bus, I realized that there are some things in this world that haven't changed, and the thrill of the first day of school and seeing one's friends is one of them. 

On a sad note, for me, at least, the summer fruits are spreading thin now, and apples of all shapes and sizes, pears, oranges, and clementines have taken their place. I don't care for winter fruits. Last winter I lived on clementines and grapes.  This year I plan to freeze some of my favorite berries and have been spending some time looking up some recipes in my harvest cookbook,but I'd best hurry.  Boxes of strawberries were vanishing from the shelves.

I purchased the above candles--Honey Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Apple Chestnut, and Cinnamon Glazed Pear--to tide me over until my order from Yankee Candle comes in.  Their candles are the best, and they have so many wonderful autumn scents to choose from.  I couldn't make a decision so I bought them all.  Not bad though.  They had a great two for one sale this weekend.
This is one of my bookshelves.  If you notice, there is a red book called "Raptor Red"?  It is a  story written from the perspective of a female raptor dinosaur struggling to survive on her own after losing her mate. The setting of the story is the plains of prehistoric Utah some120 million years in the past. It is a fantastic read, and if you can get your hands on it, do so.  You won't be disappointed.

 I was finally able to get a full picture of my mama and baby giraffe.  Hubby found them at a yard sale and bought them for me.

Aren't they sweet?

Well, it's time to get ready to mosey on out of here. Don't want to be late.  It's blood pressure day. Wishing you all the best on this fine September morn.
"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."

 Helen Hunt Jackson


  1. That looks great and the candles sound wonderful. I love Autumn scents !!
    Yankee candles are very expensive here in The Netherlands. They smell so good though.
    I have to say I love Winter fruit. Here in The Netherlands we are real apple and pear eaters. In the province I live in, there are many orchards.
    Have a great day.

  2. Good morning Mary....just stopping by to check in. Have great Autumn day....aren't we all glad fall has finally arrived. I know I am.



  3. I love the giraffes! Wonderful. I too always loved the first day of school. so much fun. And no homework quite yet. I always had a crisp new outfit to wear!

    I did my Lovely Blog Award post last night, Mary. It comes right before my Tuesday Muse post. :). Thank you again. It's such an honor to receive it.