Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon

 It is the Harvest Moon!  On gilded vanes
  And roofs of villages, on woodland crests
  And their aerial neighborhoods of nests
  Deserted, on the curtained window-panes
Of rooms where children sleep, on country lanes
  And harvest-fields, its mystic splendor rests!
  Gone are the birds that were our summer guests,
  With the last sheaves return the laboring wains!
All things are symbols: the external shows
  Of Nature have their image in the mind,
  As flowers and fruits and falling of the leaves;
The song-birds leave us at the summer's close,
  Only the empty nests are left behind,
  And pipings of the quail among the sheaves.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I had a great time yesterday. I didn't come home rich, but one can't expect to make much when they are only playing the quarter slots. Actually, I spent most of my time on the penny credits, bit spender that I am.  The weather was fantastic this time, and I spent a lot of time walking along the boardwalk. There is nothing like that  smell of that salt air. I have some pictures to share, but probably not until next week.  I have to transfer them from phone to email to blog.  Takes time. 

This afternoon we are having a Harvest Moon Festival at the center. It should be fun, and it will definitely set the stage for my own Harvest Moon celebration.Actually, the Harvest Moon arrived at 7:13 am, but heck, that wasn't a good time for viewing.  The menu I have planned for tonight includes a hearty Autumn beef stew with  carrots, onions and potatoes, turnip greens, wild rice, and a slice of apple pie.  I am hoping I can find some cider. 

Afterwards, it will be time to dig into my new harvest candles (it has been hard to wait) and hopefully get a view of the moon, maybe even a picture...that's if I feel like going back outdoors.  That would mean I had to stay dressed, and, oh how I love coming home and changing into my lounging clothes.

I found the following little ritual for letting go that I wanted to share with you.  It has appeared on a few sites, and I have no idea of it's origin.  It calls for some Autumn leaves, but that doesn't seem too promising here. 
Leaves are still green and clinging to the trees.

Find some autumn leaves, and mark on each one a symbol to represent what has been weighing on you.(for example a dollar sign for money issues). Meditate and focus on the issue, then burn or bury the leave to symbolize the release of all it represents. This ritual can be very liberating!"


  1. "Shine on, shine on, harvest moon, up in the sky . . ." Enjoy your beef stew!

  2. Thank you for posting that ritual, for I really liked reading its method.

  3. Happy Harvest Moon! We are under cloud today so no viewings of Her lovliness, but her presence is felt indeed. Glad to hear you had a great time yesterday. Isn't the smell of sea air just the best smell ever?! I love it!