Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lovely Blog Award

Over the weekend I was honored to receive the above award from Greek Witch. You will find her over at Dreaming of Rosemary. I don't know if she realizes this or not, but hers was one of the first blogs I began to follow when I discovered the wonderful world of blogs. 

Okay, now to the rules. I  have to tell you 7 things about me that  haven't previously shared with you. This is a hard one because I have always been pretty much open about my life, but after giving it some thought, I did come up with the following.

1. One of my first jobs when I moved to the city was tending bar. I was still what you would call a 'country bumpkin', but I learned how to how to make all the drinks and actually quite enjoyed myself. Who would have guessed that,  thirty years later, I my career would be trying to help those who spend too much time in a bar stay sober.

2. I am addicted to crime dramas--Law and Order, Graceland, CSI, Cold Case, Criminal Minds. I can watch them all over and over again. I am in 'seventh heaven' when I see a marathon is coming on.

3. I don't like candy anymore. Is that something we outgrow when we get old? Is it a lack of hormone sort of thing?  I don't know when it happened, but today you will never find me eating a piece of candy.  Too bad that doesn't go for all sweets.

4. I am addicted to vanilla sugar wafer cookies. Can't get enough of them.

5. I once saw a UFO.  It was when I was in my teens, and I along with several others were hanging out at a  haunted barn.  Suddenly a light began to rise from a steep cliff nearby. Now, when I tell the story, people say it was probably a farmer with a flashlight, but you'd have to see that cliff to understand.  Impossible for a human to navigate.

6.  I am addicted to online bingo games.  I play bingo everyday at the center...for real money...but I like my online games best.

7.  I am actually a fussy eater. I don't like fish, seafood, asparagus mushrooms. or cheesecake amongst other many other things.

And, now I have the honor of presenting the award to seven other bloggers. This is a hard one as well, because you all deserve this award. 

Like I said, this was so difficult to make these choices because you all have a special place in my heart and deserve this award.


  1. Congrats, Mary! You do indeed have a lovely blog. Say, could I have your piece of cheesecake if you're not going to eat it?

  2. You are a true blue blogger. I enjoy several of you blogs and sense your free spirit.

    I love mystery's too. I read a lot, and watch CSI too.


  3. Congratulations to you Mary! Your award is well deserved, and your blog so beautiful. I love visiting you!

    And thank you so much for this lovely award! It means so much to me. :). You are a truly generous and beautiful person. Love and many hugs!

  4. Congratulations Mary! And thank you for paying it forward and awarding me! I would however like to wrestle Debra though for your piece of cheesecake tho! :)

  5. Just wanted to wish you
    a beautiful Autumn and
    drop in and say hello.

    hugs Sharon

  6. Congrats on the award!! I have seen an UFO too. Like you, I was a teen. You have to see one to be a believer!

  7. Though I am busy getting ready to leave for AK, I had to stop and say....Congratulations Mary.
    I am an avid True Crime ready and watcher. Dateline NBC, 48 Hours and others of that genre.


  8. ...gentle awesomeness! ~ bravo! ~ bonza on thine blog award! ~ thank yoU! ~ for the intimate share! ~ and ~ for the little something thee hath bequeathed! ~ (it may be a while before i can establish this grand task, wen the deed's done ~ i'll post an email to thee in advance!) ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(O:

  9. Thank you so much for this honour. As soon as I have the time, I will post it ; )

  10. Thank you so much for this honour. As soon as I have the time, I will post it ; )

  11. Thank you so much for this honour. As soon as I have the time, I will post it ; )