Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Ramble...as well as a a Bit of a Rant

Be respectful to others as you grow. . . If we lack respect for one group,
then there is a tendency for that attitude to spread. It becomes
infectious and no one becomes safe from the ravages of prejudice.

Walter Annenberg 

Yesterday's post spoke of disrespect. Today I would like to say that respect is alive and well and living in New York City where sometimes it seems that a lack of respect is a sign of the times. This man touched my heart by showing me that there are still those who hold the values that were once the norm so many years ago so I just have to share it with you. Yesterday I had two doctor's appointments...my regular doctor and the endocrinologist.  Afterwards, rather than spend extra money on a cab, the bus was there so I grabbed it. As I paid my fare, the driver pointed at one of the front seats and said, "You can sit there". 

It was then that I noticed that, although there were many people on the bus, the front seats that are always designated for the elderly and the handicapped were empty, something I had never seen. At the next stop I noticed that as the people got in, the driver immediately told them to move to the back...all except for one older man. I realized then that this man had values that one rarely sees nowadays. Most bus drivers can't be bothered with worrying about who gets a seat and who doesn't. Hats off to you, Mr. Bus Driver, for showing me a side of life that I had thought was long forgotten.

Speaking of the doctor, my blood pressure was now at 147 over 83, slowly and steadily going down.  Yippee!!!  My heart rate was up, but the doctor feels that could be from the thyroid...or the anxiety I was feeling all day about getting my test results.  I am a big baby when it comes to those things.  The sonogram shows a huge cyst on my thyroid. and I've been referred for a biopsy.  (That word scares me).  They have finally put me on medication, Methimazole, and hopefully a lot of my symptoms, including rapid heartbeat, will go away.

Meanwhile, Scrooge is alive and well in 2013. Negotiations for a raise that have been going on since our contract expired on June 30th are now over. And guess what. Not only will there be no raise, but there will be no new negotiations until July, 2014. So, I guess that means I've had my last raise from BRC. They did give in a little and say in July, 2013 we will get a one-time bonus of a whole 1% of our salary. Whoopie!!! I'll have to make sure not to spend it all in one place. Seriously, though, with an increase in paperwork, no raise and insurance and social security payments going up, we'll be doing more work, but making less money. There is something wrong with that picture.

It's getting really hard to live comfortably in this city. I guess it is like this all over the country, but here it is becoming out-of-control. Subway fares are going up in March (have to get to work on my half-fare card), food is up sky high, rents are rising, etc. I can't remember the last time I went to the movies. Who can afford the prices? I remember someone once telling  me that they are trying to push everyone from the middle-class on down out of the city and make it only for the rich. I shrugged it off, but, of course then, we in the middle class were still able to live comfortably. Now, it seems that they might just be right. 

A wise person will make more opportunities than he or she finds. 
Francis Bacon 

But, life does go on and one finds a way to survive.  And fortunately, I have never wanted more than I already have. I've never wanted to be rich because my life is already rich in all the ways that are important. I am surrounded by love and people who care, including you, my dear blog friends, and that is all that matters.

Life will always be full of challenges, but rather than fear them, we must learn to see them as opportunities for growth. Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. Warriors cannot complain or regret anything. Their lives are an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.

Carlos Castaneda


  1. Your salt-free diet is paying off in better blood pressure readings! Congrats!

  2. What a wonderful bus driver, you happened upon. I hope you gave him, a heartfelt Thank You...

    Glad for your good results and that you are now to have medication. There are times when we need meds, and I have never had any trouble with taking such.

    Best of luck with coming testing...

    How go the "negotiations" about the loud noise, in the above apartment?

  3. What a great gift you have Mary to appreciate what you have despite trying circumstances. More of us need to get there. It is disgraceful that our society can't reward those like you who have worked so long and devotedly to a job! Good news about your med. results.

  4. ~noticing and being aware of those who are older is something i have tried hard to instill in my littles...it does seem a thing of the past yet all it takes is for to slowly make a change...i ama sorry to hear of your health and will hold you in my thoughts...biopsies are no fun...hopefully the medicine given will bring it back down to a normal size...as for negotions...good luck...my love has gone eight years...so frustrating...yet once more as you said above...a sign of the times and were we are in this world...be well my dear friend~

  5. Great News on the healthfront Mary...and as for the biopsy just look at it like it's a knowing of what it is and leave the rest go?
    No sense counting chickens before they are hatched, so to speak.
    As for raises and cost of living, I think everyone in America is facing this right now.
    My monies are harder to stretch right now to, so I get even more creative when it comes to deciding what foods to buy to make them stretch out a whole month, and cutting back on other things too. This too shall change and pass as we move to a higher vibration. :)
    Thank God for good busdrivers who see the needs of their passengers and bless those who don't.

  6. All your hard work is paying off Mary.
    applause on the great blood pressure

    Got to love that bus driver he is a real

    It is always good to look around and
    count our blessings. Our family is
    a source of love and light to us.

    Heartfelt blessings for a wonderful
    new year Mary, filled with love.


  7. Hey dear friend.....sounds like your health is getting "in check" As for people still being kind I do believe there are still some out there.....THANK GOODNESS....

    BTW....if you lived by me I would gladly treat you to the movies.....(O:(O:

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. That...was a nice visit m/f. I'll stop by again soon. (((hugs)))Pat

  9. Glad to hear that the BP is down. Sounds like a caring driver you had. He actually did his job, and a job well done. Money is getting so hard to to spread. George and I were talking the other night about how in the world people are making it. Everything has went up except wages.