Friday, January 11, 2013

TGIF...but I am Under the Weather

Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the
field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand.
If you break a bone it will heal itself. All the doctor does is
make sure the pieces of the bone are properly set back together.

Wayne Dyer

I should have known this cold was on the way when the persistent tickle that stuck with me all night and all day appeared. That was a sure sign sickness was coming. And, I am so not surprised. Since my office moved to its new space, I do seem to be getting sicker more often.  It's not that I am not taking care of myself.  In fact, I've never taken better care of my health.  But, when you work in a building and have to ride in an elevator with over 300 homeless people, germs are passed around quicker than they pass around their cigarettes.  It's scary because just the other day my doctor told me we are in the midst of the worst flu epidemic in years.

Just the other day, I sent one of my clients home.  He was sick as a dog...coughing, nose running. In a small, enclosed room, these germs jump from one person to the next in a flash.  Personally, I think we need to educate these clients more because most of them are from the streets and really don't know about colds and the flu. Not only do they not know how to take care of themselves, but they know nothing about the dangers of coming to program and exposing others to their illness. That building can reach epidemic proportions in a week.  I'm not the nurse in the facility, but I think that will be one of my group topics next week.  

Well, I'm off to bed now. Rubbed some Vicks on my chest, took some cold meds, and had a cup of tea with honey and lemon.  Now I am going to sweat it out. Just wanted to check in and wish you all a wonderful weekend.  


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling sick, I sure do hope you'll start feeling better really soon!

  2. Oh, get better soon! You don't want to waste a weekend sick in bed!! I think that with all the things we do to conserve energy in homes and buildings, we also make it more of a breeding ground for germs. Take lots of vitamin C now and everyday. I have done that for years and especially now that I work with the public. A little flu never stops a woman from shopping dontcha know!! :)

  3. Sending healing energies as I type Mary...
    Try a spoonful of honey every hour till you start feeling better and a bit's a
    natural antibiotic and will help fight the 'ick' in you. I swear by it. Not a good way to get a three-day weekend girl, lol!!! :)
    I feel so sorry for the street people who cannot do anything to help themselves get better, much less access to keep themselves clean, get medicines etc...I'll keep all in my prayers.
    Get lots of rest Sweetie! :)

  4. It has happened. You foresaw such. Riding that elevator, with all the germs. -sigh- And just the fact of being exposed to all those people who have no idea, of health care. And don't know how to not spread sickness...

    Yes, I too am worried about the you-know-what. I even don't want to type "its" name, and thus, put it out into the Universe. (I know, silly, but...)

    Rest, rest, and rest more. Help your body to get through this.


  5. Oh no fun being sick! I know that there's a pretty nasty flu going around and knock on wood, I haven't gotten it yet. It seems it's easier to get sick the older we get. I agree with Aine that taking Vit. C really helps. Sending you lots of healing blessings.

  6. Ooh you poor thing! Feel better soon! This might be a silly question, but can't you wear a mask in the elevators(such a small enclosed space is germ kingdom!)? Do you have on your desk one of those water free hand cleansers? Not only you can use it frequently but who ever sits with you can have some! I have brought one in my desk and i swear this year i got sick a lot less than other years(i get sick a lot!!!)

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon! Working in a hospital, we are too under the midst of a bad flu. Then we get a bulletin today from the region about the Norwalk virus in the community. Oh no!! Get well and keep hydrated! Lots of tea and lemon!

  8. Hope it was a One Day thing m/f.
    Keeping a "low Profile" myself.
    Four walls around me, four walls I see. Being home in my home away from home is where i want to be. :0)
    Get some R and R this weekend. (((hugs)))