Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Poetry Corner

A Saxon Epitaph

The earth builds on the earth
Castles and towers; 
The earth saith of the earth: 
All shall be ours.

Yea, though they plan and reap
The rye and the corn,
Lo, they were bond to Sleep
Ere they were born.

Yea, though the blind earth sows
For the fruit and the sheaf,
They shall harvest the leaf of the rose
And the dust of the leaf.

Pride of the sword and power
Are theirs at their need
Who shall rule but the root of the flower
The fall of the seed.

They who follow the flesh
In splendour and tears,
They shall rest and clothe them afresh
In the fulness of years.

From the dream of the dust they came
As the dawn set free.
They shall pass as the flower of the flame
Or the foam of the sea.

The earth builds on the earth
Castles and towers.
The earth saith of the earth:
All shall be ours.

Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthal

Well, today was going to be a beach day for me, but it's only 50 degrees out there and always colder by the ocean. I really would prefer some warmer temps so to get some color on my arms.  Friday looks like a better day.  I really don't like the sun and never overdo.  My skin is pale and turns like a lobster.  But, I do like to rid myself of some of that 'winter paleness', go back to work looking like, well, looking like I was 'on' vacation.

My co-worker emailed me that my little fish finally gave up his fight.  Yes, he was still alive until Monday.  He had his bad days and his good days, but by the end of last week, I knew when I came back from vacation he wouldn't be there.  So, Friday I said my good-byes.  I know this is all for the best, that he was suffering and only a shell of what he had been, but one always has that hope, and several so-called 'fish experts' had told us he was going to pull through.  

On another sad note, since the eaglets hatched, I've been following them more than the hummingbird babes.  Actually, thus far this year I've already seen two fledges from Phoebe's babes, so rather than watch day after day, I've checked in on them off and on. What I found  was devastating. It was all gone. On the 15th, a large bird, either a crow or a hawk, had attacked the nest and carried it and the babies away.   I started to watch the video of it, but once I saw those two little cuties lying peacefully in their nest, eyes open and looking around, I just couldn't do it.  I had to turn it off.  But, devastating as it was, it was, in fact, a necessary part of life.  

Mother Nature is beautiful, amazing and sometimes cruel. She demands life in order to give life. She doesn't always 'fair' to the human eye, but just as the hummingbird babes have to eat, so do the crow/hawk's babes. She who creates, destroys, and re-creates again The way nature works, Phoebe will go on and make more beautiful babies for us to enjoy.

All things in nature work silently. They come into being and possess nothing.
They fulfill their function and make no claim. All things alike do their work,
and then we see them subside. When they have reached their bloom,
each returns to its origin. . . . This reversion is an eternal law.
To know that law is wisdom.



  1. I love that quote by Lao-Tzu.

    As for the beach, I'm one of those loonies that is out there with my winter coat on in December : )

  2. The Laws of Nature are hard to understand. But why do we have to understand them?<--Just a rhetorical question, not directed to you.

    I don't think humans have to understand everything.

    I don't think humans have to try to understand everything.

    I don't think humans have to find a reason, or a "one-who-does" for everything.

    I think that much human hardship has been the result of humans, needing to have a reason for everything. And dreaming up their own reasons.

    And insisting that all others, believe what they have thought up.

    "Philosophy begins in wonder."