Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't Dwell

Don't dwell on what might have been or the chances you have missed.
Or the lonely nights that lie between the last time lovers kissed.
Don't grasp too hard the memory of the things that never came.
The door that did not open or the wind that killed the flame.
There is still time enough to live...And time enough to try again.
Be Happy. 

Author Unknown

I really love the above quote.  Whoever wrote it, really got it right.  Whatever the past was, it's gone, and there is nothing we can do to change it. I often write about my memories, but that is not the same as focusing on what might have been. Dwelling on the past contributes nothing to what we need to do for now. It weighs us down and keeps us from moving forward. We have to let it go.  As the quote says, there is still time enough to live.
On another note, I had a wonderful day yesterday.  Found a little trinket shop not too far from my home, and I told the owner she has made a new friend.  One of my addictions is fancy little clips for my hair and beaded necklaces. And, most of them were only a dollar. She had so many little rhinestone clips in all colors, shapes and sizes that I could hardly make up my mind.  I ended up buying ten of them plus three headbands.  I sweat profusely in the summer, and even though my hair is short, I still like to pull it back.  Problem is that headbands usually give me a headache so before the day is even half over, I am yanking it off my head. These were different, though.  They were thickly padded with cloth and actually quite soft and comfortable.  I'm already thinking of my next trip there. 

I then hopped on the bus and went shopping at a store I hadn't been in for fifteen  years. There was no direct route from where I used to live, and taking three buses to get there was a bit too much, so I just gave up on it. Now, in my new, it's close enough for me to get there, and boy, did I ever have a ball.  The store I've been going to for so many years is great, but they mainly cater to thinner women.  Their plus size tops are super, but one needs a bottom to go with it.  My old store had 'everything', absolutely everything I've been searching for so long.  Take half slips, for example.  It's like they don't make them anymore. I can't understand why stores will sell skirts and dresses that one can see right through, but don't sell slips for those of us who don't care to show our private parts to the world.  

Ah, yesterday I found them and bought one of each -- white, tan, and black.  I found bras and panties for plus sizes in every shade imaginable and cotton gowns.  Oh, how I love my cotton gowns in the summer, but they must be roomy.  I found two sundresses for weekend wear, and now that I have the slips, I can also wear the three that I bought last year, but couldn't wear because they showed too much.  I also bought three summer skirts, and one new top.  Now, aside from shoes, I am set for the summer.

It's going to be 80 degrees today so you know I won't be hanging out in the house.  It's a great day to visit Mother Ocean, but banking and shoes have to come first.  Sadly, my feet are so bad that shopping for shoes is no picnic anymore--ugly bunions, weak ankles no heels, nothing between the toes, blister prone so must be soft, --but I am not giving up hope. Aside from the slips, I also found an old favorite 'Campbell's Bean with Bacon' soup that I haven't seen in years. Grandma always kept that on hand for me.  She knew it was my favorite.  And, OMG, did it taste good.  All that was missing was a glass of coca-cola.  Now, that is a part of my past, but that is a part that is well worth remembering.


  1. good luck with the shoe shopping...shoes HAVE to be comfortable....don't know how women walk in those heels..they look nice, but can't be good for the feet

  2. Sounds like you are really splurging on yourself. enjoy! you deserve it!

  3. This holiday from work, is sounding wonderful! I'm so glad!

    Finding new places, and old. Filling in gaps in your summer wardrobe. Finding fun stuff. Hooray!!!

    "Reading takes us away from home,
    but more important,
    it finds homes for us everywhere."

    ~Hazel Rochman

  4. Sounds like you are having a great vacation so far!! It's only Tuesday!!!!!

  5. You sound like you are relaxed and enjoying yourself! YAY!

  6. Isn't it always wonderful to find new frocks.....and especially for summer. Sounds like you had a lovely day, Mary.


  7. Mary, I always loved bean with bacon soup too. And shoes- I totally hear you. I love shoes but only comfy ones and they are usually spendy...my current fav is Alegria shoes. Good luck!

  8. You have me feeling your EXCITEMENT! :0)
    The Big Red Barn in Bradenton,FL feeling.....all over again. :0) :0) :0)

    Many more of "these days" for you m/f. (((hugs)))Pat