Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Ramble

All work is empty save where there is love.

--Khalil Gibran--

Monday morning has arrived, and vacation has come and gone. Too soon, too little time. I enjoyed the time I had off.  Aside from shopping  and being pampered in a beauty parlor, I was able to spend my first quality time in my new home.  My herb garden is planted, and fingers are crossed, hoping that it will grow.  I loved this past week, being my own person, rising whenever I wished, resting whenever the need arrived.  I could very easily get used to it. 

Mother Earth received some much needed rain here yesterday on her special day.  I live one block over  from a small wooded area which has been looking very dry. With cars whizzing by and tossing lit cigarettes out the window, it's been a little unsettling, to say the least.  People just don't think.  I hate to think that it is that they just don't care.  I celebrated Earth Day in front of the television with a 'Frozen Planet' marathon.  Oh, how breathtakingly beautiful the poles are, but oh, so cold.  It amazes me how people manage to live there.  If  you missed it the first time around, be sure to catch it the next.  It's well worth watching.

My eldest will be turning 35 on Thursday so we had a little get-together for him over the weekend.  I baked him a cake and made his favorite meal.  Wow, it seems like only yesterday that I held him in my arms. I had a rough delivery with him.  Actually, I had it rough with both my sons.  For my youngest, all my labor pains were in my back, and if any of you have ever had that, you know how brutally painful that can be.  As far as the 'birthday boy', his is an interesting story.  

Throughout my pregnancy I'd been seeing a midwife.  We got up into the 8th month when she told me she felt two heads.  Either my baby was going to be a large breach baby or I was having twins.  So, there at the last minute came all the tests and a battery of doctors, specialists, who assured me he wasn't twins and that, yes, he was breach, but, according to these so-called specialists, he 'wasn't' large enough to turn so we had to let nature take its course.

Boy, did they ever have it wrong.  He was, indeed, a rather large baby by all accounts--8 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long--and he hadn't turned.  In fact, he came out 'butt first'.  We laugh about it now, but, at the time, it was no joke.  Thank goodness the cord wasn't wrapped around his throat.  And, it just goes to show.  All the specialists had it wrong, but a midwife had called it correctly.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Speaking of hubby.  I still don't have a camera.  My son thinks something happened to it in the move, and that is why we can't download pictures.  So, I took the following picture of hubby and I on my cell phone.  Please forgive the poor quality of the picture. It's the phone.  This picture was taken 19  years ago on our first anniversary.  We had such a special night, new outfits, professional photographer to take the pictures, and dinner at a very expensive restaurant out on Sheepshead Bay.  Somehow, after that anniversaries were never the same.

By the way, before I forget, I ran into a brand new problem with Blogger yesterday.  Well, perhaps not brand new, but it is for me.  Usually, once I post, I love going through my 'Reading List' and seeing what all of you are up to.  I may not comment all the time, but I do read.  Well, as I was going down the list I came across a number of posts, actually over twenty of a blog I had never heard of.  It was called 'Jewelry Insider' and there was post after post of things that, although they might interest someone else, hold nothing for me.  

And, it was so bad, and there were so many posts, that I couldn't find the blogs that I usually follow.  After all, I am already having a problem with the new setup and find my 'Reading List' far more difficult to follow.  Well, I emailed Blogger forum for help, and lo and behold, I was answered.  From what I understand, abandoned blogs that one doesn't delete are in danger of being taken over.  I was told how to find the culprit blog, but, well, with new blogger, I cannot find where it says 'All Blogger Updates'.  So, what I did was went to the list off to the side, and one by one, opened the blogs I was following. Those that haven't posted in months, I deleted from my list.  I did find the culprit blog as well as another one.  Deleted them both and was pleased to see that all messages disappeared as well. A word of advice.  Go through your blog list and rid yourself of those no longer in use.  You never know who will take it over.

It's a wee bit hard getting myself started this morning, but I do  have to get myself in gear. I'm not kidding when I say this, but the first day back can actually be a rather traumatic event.  All the clients seem to hold all of their emergencies until my return, and then, it is one after the other. That, and all the paperwork that is probably waiting.  Hmmm!  Maybe I should call in sick.

Wish me luck for an easy day.    

(Forgive the huge gaps in paragraphs.  This new blogger setup has made it very difficult to fix.  Anyone know how to do it?)


  1. I hated the new blogger to so I switched it back to the old one. It's on the wheel thingie if you click it.

  2. hope you have a good week and what a lovely couple you two make. I go through my list all the time and delete

  3. Oh my gracious, what a beautiful couple!!!

    -sigh- Camera hurt in transit... Have you gone to the web site of the maker of the camera, and looked around? Some of them, will diagnose your problem and tell you the cost of fixing it. And you can make up your mind, whether to send it in, or not...

    But I'm sure that you can work on taking pics with your phone, and do so.

    That is, if you really want to do so. Perhaps I am the ONLY lover of pics, on blogs. Pics of the blogger's "life," as it were.

    Good luck with Monday!!!

  4. Ooops, for got my quote of today. :-)

    It’s one thing to be an individual;
    but it’s another thing to be an individual
    at the cost of the people around you.

    ~Jack Grisham

  5. Mary, gorgeous photo of you and your hubby's anniversary picture...what a hot couple!! Happy Birthday to your son. Despite the fact you are returning to work on a rainy Monday, you still posted a delightful Monday graphic! The Blogger issue is annoying for sure. It takes me several minutes to find anything when I first go to the "dashboard". Good advice about the blog list, I have some blogs that haven't posted in more than 6 or 7 months. I am not enjoying the new blogger at all.Well, time will tell, I guess. Good luck on your first day back. Hope the emergencies are few and far between. Hugs to you!!!

  6. What a "HUNK" and who's that "blonde Bombshell?" Jes funnin with ya! ;0)

    Learned something new...will check my list and will also check out that wheel thingie someone mentioned. When I feel better...THAT IS!
    Hope your work week passes by fast and your beloved weekends come quicker and last longer. (((hugs)))Pat

  7. Hi dear Mary.....hopefully your first day will be uneventful. Also re blogging take overs ........ I have had that happen on blogs I day a completely new blog appeared at the bottom of my list called decorating idea where it came from.....but I deleted it and all was good.