Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once Upon a Time

Some days I can't stop writing; words continue flowing and I have to stop myself or I could write pages and pages on my blog.  Yet other days, famine strikes, and I could sit the entire day staring at the white page and barely get a sentence out.  I've learned not to force it.  When I first began blogging, I thought I had to have something exciting and readable written by me every day. Since that time, I've learned that it is impossible to keep up that pace, and some days, it's enough just to share something I found that I think you, my readers, would like as well.  The following poem brings chills when I read it for I do remember Once Upon a Time.

ONCE upon a time rare flowers grew
 On every shrub and bush we used to see;
The skies above our heads were always blue,
The woods held secrets deep for you and me;
 The hillsides had their caves where tales were told
 Of swart-cheeked pirates from a far-off clime,
When cutlases were fierce and rovers bold -
Don't you remember? - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time from sun to sun

The hours were full of joy - there was no care,
And webs of gaudy dreams in air were spun
 Of deeds heroic and of fortunes fair;
The jangling schoolhouse bell was all the woe
Our spirits knew, and in its tuneless chime.
Was all the sorrow of the long ago-
 Don't you remember? - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time the witches rode

 In sinister and ominous parade
Upon their sticks at night, and queer lights glowed
With eerie noises by the goblins made;
And many things mysterious there were .
For boyish cheeks to pale at through the grime
 That held them brown; and shadows queer would stir-
Don't you remember? - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time our faith was vast

 To compass all the things on sea and land
That boys have trembled o'er for ages past,
Nor ever could explain or understand,
And in that faith found happiness too deep
 For all the gifted tongues of prose or rime,
And joys ineffable we could not keep -
 Don't you remember? - Once upon a time.

--James W. Foley 1905, from 'Boys and Girls'--


  1. Love this poem!!!!

    If you don't mind, I'd like to swipe this and post it next week.

  2. I love the poem... somewhat bittersweet...I always swore I would never speak of when I was young yet here I am... You always have wonderful poetry to share with us... a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Blessings

  3. Thank you! I love this poem and have never read it.

  4. You are right Mary...it does give you shivers!

    Quite an astounding poem...touches you way down deep and I really thank you so much for sharing it here.


  5. Doing things I have been putting off doing out in the back yard today.
    Feels good to be out doors.

    Believe it or not ...at times I am at a loss for words. :0)
    I'm a mystery to my own self.

  6. Dear Mary, most of the time when I visit you I leave teary eyed (but in a good way :0) this poem is very special, thank you for making me remember it XO

  7. Hey, you got three awards! :) Check 'em out here: http://hedgewitchhollow.blogspot.com/2010/10/3-blog-awards-holy-cow.html