Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living with Conscience

Peace of mind just can't be bought.
Trust me:  Even if your conscience
doesn't stop you from playing dirty
to get what you want, once you get
it, it will keep you from enjoying it.
As my mother used to say, "A good conscience is God's eye."  
Which is
why I always prefer a loss to
an underhanded gain; the one
brings pain at the moment,
the other for all time.
--Patti LaBelle--

I have to wonder how long these residual effects from Mercury retrograde are going to last.  It just never seems to end.  My home phone is in and out and the company keeps coming out to fix it, but the first windy day, it starts acting up again.  I say, 'Stop repairing the old and bring in the new.  You certainly take my money quick enough each month, don't you?'  So, I have finally broken down and entered into the 21st century.  I bought a cell phone.  Hubby's got one, but he is always forgetting the darned thing at work, and it was kind of scary going through a 3 day weekend with no phone in the house.  My son has his, but he works at night, so any problems, we would have been up a creek.

And now, my work computer again.  I am so angry.  Everything was fine yesterday morning when I decided to check my work email....something I rarely do.  There was a message there from someone I used to work with a few years ago, and I was so excited to hear from him.  So, I anxiously opened his email, or what I thought was his email.  Big mistake!!!!  Immediately, a big message came up from Microsoft Essential Security came up, and I was locked out of everything. I am generally so, so careful about opening emails because I fear something happening to my, extremely careful with emails even though you know the person who supposedly sent it.

Hence, the quote above about living with conscience.  I have never been able to understand how someone could send these things through the system to hurt people they don't even know.  Where is the thrill in that?  I just don't see it.  So, I asked the man at the help desk and his words were kind of chilling.  Many of these people who have developed these worms, viruses, etc., they already have the antidote.  And many are 'out of work' computer nerds who end up getting hired because they know how to fix it.  When you look at it, they are paid to inflict harm to others. Talk about a lack of conscience.  

But, sadly, no everyone was raised with the same morals as you and I. I'm blessed to have a job and to have the money to keep my computer protected with the best of services out there, but what about the others...the elderly on fixed incomes, the invalids, what about those who use the computer as their only outlet to the outside world.  Why?  Because there are people out there who will walk over anyone just to get what they want...and that is very sad.

And please, my friends, have no fear.  You will never catch a computer virus from me. 

It is not because people's
desires are strong that they
act ill; it is because their
consciences are weak.
There is no natural connection
between strong impulses and
a weak conscience.  The natural
connection is the other way.
--John Stuart Mill--



  1. May a thousand fleas infest his crotch area and any other piece of crap that does this. :0)

  2. i always wonder about people like this myself

  3. hope you computer gets fixed soon....sorry about the two post, my fingers where to fast

  4. oh Mary so sorry to hear things are a bit amiss for you. Hopefully things will get back to normal (whatever that is) soon. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. so sorry to hear that things are somewhat amiss for you. i hope that balance comes back to you soon. Sending warm wishes your way.

  6. Just getting a cell phone, you are hardcore old school. I thought I was the last of the hold outs. Got one a few years back just so I'd have it in case I fell out of a tree while bowhunting. At the time I was single and no one would have had any idea where to look for me if I had an accident while in the woods. Turns out, it's my only phone now. The land line is long gone. Turns out, having a cell phone was a very smart move. X.

  7. It's good that you have a back-up phone now. How frustrating about your computer! I don't understand how people can do things like that, and then sleep at night. Grrrr!

  8. I am so glad that you got a cell phone! You really need it where you work. We finally had our house phone taken out, never used it after the cell phones. I have never understood the wanting to destroy someone's computer that you don't even know. However, everything comes full circle.