Friday, June 10, 2016

Update on Teeth

Oh dear, I am so sorry.  I wrote this post days ago and totally forgot to post it.  Actually pressed save instead of publish.  So sorry for those who were concerned. Just went through and changed some of the days.

Well, all went well on Tuesday,  and I am very pleased with my new dentist.  He really listens to you when you talk and wants to do what's best for you.  When he heard my story about the treatment I've had in the past, he was more than eager to do the best he could for me.  Sometimes when you have Medicare insurance you get crap, but even before I told him I'd pay for it, he offered to give me the best. He reminds me of the dentist who did my permanent bridge.  So, the teeth DO have to come out, but I've got about a month's reprieve. Fortunately there is no infection. What has happened is that the teeth under my gums have broken off the permanent bridge. That's why the pain I get is not what you would call toothache pain but a pain under the teeth. They  will need to be cut out once the bridge is removed.. Not looking forward to that. I expect pain after that.

So, we took the impressions yesterday and what he will do in 4 weeks is remove the permanent bridge and cut out the parts that broke off. Yikes!!! Then, I assume he will stitch me and the new teeth will go right in. And they are going to be made of the best materials. I know that will probably hurt like heck for a few days, but you get a much better fit that way. Then, after 3 months I go to have them re-aligned. And all for $900. Can't be that. Here I was thinking thousands. And best yet, I will never have to go out without teeth.

So here I am with nothing for me to eat except soft foods. I bought meat for Ralph alone. Guess I will have to pick up some more chicken and stuff and eat some of this soft food.  My refrigerator is on the blink so all those yogurts and stuff I bought were tossed.  Waiting for a new one.  I'm in a rent stabilized apartment which is great when rent increase time comes around.  They are only permitted to raise me so much.  However, getting a new fridge is going to increase my rent by $7.  Totally not fair but New York City Housing law.  If I was not rent stabilized, my landlord would be responsible.  Not fair when it wasn't my fault.  Yes, it was new when I moved in, but I obviously got a lemon.  But, not going to argue at this point.

Have a good one.


  1. Glad that your dentist is a gem.
    Here the refrigerator is the tenant's responsibility. To buy/fix/whatever.

  2. Well, that's good news! Sounds like you've got a great dentist and that is more than half the battle! Thanks for the update, Mary.

  3. Glad to see you checking in - and congratulations of finding a really good dentist!

  4. When I read this post of yours Mary this morning, I'm happy for you, but my tears poured, for I don't want you to suffer with any kind of pain.