Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday Morning Gratitude

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.
Author Unknown

Good morning everyone.  We are in for a  warm, but not hot, sunny day here in Brooklyn. O am so grateful for having another day. Finally got my new refrigerator yesterday, and it is such a pleasure.  One never realizes how important something is until they don't have it anymore.  I always thought nothing of going to the fridge for a cold drink or a yogurt.  After a week with a refrigerator that never got below 50 degrees I have learned to appreciate it.   

Went out yesterday after everything was taken care of and bought  fresh fruit salads, yogurt, some low fat whip cream, WW cheese and regular cheese for Ralph, some peppers and onions, frozen sweet potato fries and some WW ice cream. Didn't buy my favorite though, Mocha pops. Seems like every time I buy them my refrigerator goes. Call me silly, but instead I bought double fudge. Not chancing it. LOL!!!   And this  morning I'm taking my cart and heading over to but the staples such as eggs and butter that ended up getting heaved. During the past couple days the old refrigerator temperature had been about 50 degrees, not cold enough to stop bacteria from growing so I got rid of it all.  I am so thankful, though, that the freezer section of the old fridge never gave up on me, and I was able to save all my meats and frozen veggies. 

The new refrigerator is a pleasure. I will admit I did pig out last night. After a nice dinner of curried chicken, string beans and sweet potato fries I had orange slices, berries, grapes, pudding with low fat whipped cream and a Weight Watchers Triple Fudge Bar. Not that any of the foods were really bad for me, but fruit is full of sugar and it just tasted so good last night that I ate plenty of it.

Oh, before I forget.  When I got home guess who was standing out front waiting for a ride? Mr. Leadfoot. First time I saw him close up. He didn't know me, but I knew him. I'd seen him racing down the stairs to greet his 'guests'. I can see where he could pass himself as a personal trainer, but having lived downstairs from him I know he's not. Otherwise, he would have been at the gym working out. He's is all hulked up. Looks like steroids to me. Also answers some of my questions about pacing the floor all night. Anxiety from steroid use.

Have I told you my latest idea?  I'm planning a cookbook.  Since I use a lot of different spices in my cooking, my book will focus on spices, and along with recipes, I plan to offer a bit of history of the spice and health tips.  This will take some time to get started though, if ever.  I do need a good camera for pictures.  My phone will not do.  And even though I am already typing up recipes and information, I don't plan on putting it all together until I have my HHP.  In my certification I am focusing on diet and wellness--healing with whole foods, dietary wellness, healing with herbs, holistic healing, etc.

Have a good one.


  1. Fridges are IMPORTANT!!! We are in our camper with a tiny apartment fridge and a small freezer roughly the same size! Thank goodness my stepson has a nice LARGE refrigerator with a top freezer compartment for our 'overload' while we are here!
    Your cookbook sounds intriguing.............