Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doesn't Pay to be too Hasty

Have patience, my friend, have patience;
For Rome wasn't built in a day!
You wear yourself out for nothing
In many and many a way!
Why are you nervous and fretty
When things do not move along fast;
Why let yourself get excited
Over things that will soon be past?
Gertrude Tooley Buckingham 

Good morning everyone.  We've been having some wonderful weather here in Brooklyn lately.  Warm, not humid, sunny skies.  A little rain this afternoon won't spoil a thing.  This morning I am off to Weight Watchers.  Kind of anxious to see the scale.  Finally got my new refrigerator on Monday and have been pigging out on all the foods that I missed.  And it's been such a joy to drink a glass of 'cold' water.  I tell you, it never tasted so good.

So, I've been having a problem and my patience is wearing thin. As I mentioned, I signed up for Susun Weed's herbalism class but it has been a total disappointment.  It's something I wanted to do for a long time so I enrolled in her herbalism class and paid in full with my credit card. They deducted my money but I received no welcome until I contacted them. Then I got a call from Susun herself telling me to send in a picture, a letter briefly telling about myself, and my selection of extra books. 5 come with the class and I get 3 extras of my choosing. I go to CVS and have my picture taken, write my letter, and send it in as requested.

Time passes and still nothing. I just wanted some acknowledgement that my letter and choice of books was received. I am instead told that Susun is busy and probably hasn't gotten to it. Huh???? Susun is supposed to personally mentor me, but she is too busy to say 'I received your letter and hope you enjoy your course.' Is this what I really want? A couple days later I receive what is supposed to be the course. 

No real instructions. First part is 'buy and aloe plant and use the gel to heal a burn." So what if you don't have a burn? Heck, I knew that. Don't need Susun Weed to tell me. Another one is to make a tea of a certain herb. No instructions about the herb. How is it with someone with high blood pressure? I'm supposed to make it without knowing. Of course, that is probably in the books I never received.

I call about the books.  Heather says "I will email Kim to find out what happened to your books" Again I am told that Susun has been busy. That was last week. I've heard nothing. So here I sit.  The time is almost up for me to cancel the course and get my money back which I have already attempted with phone messages, 6 emails to different addresses, and snail mail. No one responds. I have no instructions on course. No one has acknowledged that my letter was received. No books. And now no response to my numerous requests to cancel. Thankfully I have proof that I sent cancellation notices in the 30 days allowed to cancel.  I told them, deduct the $50 fee they charge and give me my money back. 

So now I have a grievance, and the bank is helping me.  This afternoon I have to head to the library and print up all my request letters and fax them over.  I am shocked that I have to go through this with Susun Weed.  Personally I think with all these courses and tours and books she has bit off more than she can chew.  Will keep you all updated.


  1. I am shocked to hear this too -- Susun Weed's status as an herbalism "star" doesn't jive with this shoddy treatment and poorly run course. I hope you get your money back!