Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Third Eye

Many teachers will tell you to believe; then they put out your eyes of reason and instruct you to follow only their logic. But I want you to keep your eyes of reason open; in addition, I will open in you another eye, the eye of wisdom.--Sri Yukteswar

Yesterday while having lunch at work we ended up with a conversation about ghosts and spirits.  We were seated in the lunch room when suddenly,  the door opened, but no one was there.  I playfully said, "Oh, it's only our friendly ghost."  We then spent some time discussing the little bit of history I did manage to find about the building, which, by the way has intrigued me from the day I first walked in. I do know that the building was a social security office, a bank, and a boy's home in the early 1900's.  Further than that I have been unable to go, but I do know that something happened here, and ironically, even though others somehow sense the building has a ghost, I am the only one who has experienced her first-hand.    

To begin with, I am always the first one at work.  That might very well be the reason these occurrences keep happening to me.  For example, one morning I was at my desk and heard footsteps heading to a co-worker's office.  'Good morning, Denice', I called out.  No response.  Somebody is in a mood today, I thought to myself.  You can my shock when I went to the ladies' room and saw that she had not come in yet; in fact, I was totally alone on the floor.   Another time, I was walking by her office on a day she was out and heard a quite a bit of knocking and banging about in her office.  I went to my supervisor who has the key, and when she opened the door, nothing was there.  Probably just a mouse, she said, but I knew a mouse could not make all that noise. And these are just two of the many experiences I have had.  

I enjoy these discussions of the supernatural, and by now, I am all into it. Now I start talking about home, and the whiff of perfume I sometimes get when I am in bed...and the radios blasting in the middle of the night, never the same one two nights in a row, or my cat stopping whatever she is doing to stare into the bedroom.  In fact, I have been able to see and sense things since the time I was a child. My co-worker, a super religious woman from the Philippines looked at me and said, I think you have the Third Eye. To be honest, I had never thought of myself as particularly psychic, let alone with an active Third Eye
Many native traditions and mystical practices refer to the ability of seeing or being aware of energy fields at higher levels. This abstract awareness is much more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness, which is mostly concerned with self identity. This seeing refers to the sight of the Third Eye.  Historically,  the Third Eye was mystical in nature. The Third Eye has long been related to psychic reader ability.  Now, I am an astrologer, but have never dealt with psychic readings, but then I was asked, How do you interpret a chart?.

Interpreting a chart is not just a matter of delineating every planet in every sign in every aspect.  Anyone can resort to this cookbook style of doing a reading, but does one really get a sense of who the person is? I prefer using one of my spiritual faculties...intuition.  By relying on intuition, I find I can receive deeper insights into the individual.  Usually, after setting up the chart, I will concentrate on the chart until something stands out, and then I will take it from there.

Have you ever felt like a situation is the same one you have been through before? Do you think of a person, the phone rings two seconds later, and he is on the line? Did you have a gut feeling to pass on a great opportunity only to find that it wasn't so great and would have cost you dearly? You might have considered these things coincidences or you might have said you were lucky but in reality, they may have certainly been a great psychic insight you did not know you had. A third eye opening!


  1. Oh yes, what talking about here I've had happen to me many times throughout my life. Women are all psychics.


  2. I'm OPEN to ghosts and spirits.
    Still waiting.
    An afterlife also appeals to me greatly.

  3. One of my favorite subjects as I've been seeing and experiencing Spirit in some form or another since I was a young child. My grandchildren have the gift too. We all do actually, it is just that some of us exercise our 'muscle' or intuition more than others.
    Great Sharing Mary!!! :)

  4. I have had a few things happen over the years so i believe in ghosts :) i think we are all psychic to just some of us use it more than others x x x

  5. I love these things!

    Gut feelings, I've called Synchrinosity. But I'm certainly open to your interpretation.

  6. Oh, this post resonates with me. This is how I do palm reading too. The lines all mean something, but it's my intuition that is the essence of the true reading.

    I'd love to have you do my astrology chart. Do you do this long distance? Or would we have to meet face to face. Let me know. And let me know what you charge.