Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding Balance

The Amish love the Sunshine and Shadow quilt pattern.  It shows two sides--the dark and light, spirit and form--and the challenge of bringing the two into a larger unity.  It's not a choice between extremes: conformity or freedom, discipline or imagination, acceptance or doubt, humility or a raging ego.  It's a balancing act that includes opposites.--Sue Bender
We've all had them the days when you rush from one task to the next with barely a breath in between, our minds racing along even faster, and lately it seems that I have them more often than not.  Even on weekends chores have been creeping up on me which is why I no longer blog on weekends. Day after day, it's always the same.  Always something to do.  And, I am not talking about major chores like cleaning out a closet; I'm talking about all of the nit-picking little things that eat away at our time.  For example, cleaning the coffee pot and readying it for the next day only takes a matter of minuted, but it annoys me because when you add it with all the other minute little chores that must be done, it eats away a good sized chunk of your time. And, even in those days I say I plan to rest, I just can't seem to make those nagging little chores go away.

We live in such a fast-paced world that it is hard for many of us to keep a balance in life, and, as a result, it's often all too easy to push our own needs to the background. Have you noticed that we always seem to be trying to balance something...our checkbooks, our priorities, our time? We struggle to balance our schedules to include time for both work and play, and do our best to eat a balanced diet. We are always juggling things to find some kind of balance in our life.

Then, just when the time comes that we can finally get some rest, we lay in bed, wide awake, thinking about the multitude of tasks left unfinished on the to-do list that never seems to ever get done. Add the stress, the exhaustion, and daily wear-and-tear on our bodies, and it's not too long before we find ourselves burning out.  

Do I have the answers?  I wish I did. I will be 64 years old in a matter of days, and still I don't know how to balance my life.  I still don't know how to say, "Hey, wait a minute.  I've had enough.  How about a little help here?"  It's so hard to change when you've spent a lifetime acting in one way. Maybe one day.  Maybe one day I will find the answer.

Are you balanced?  Do you share your time, your energy,
your life, as much with yourself as you do with those
around you?. . . . Know your limits.  You are one of the
most important people you need to look after and love.
Balance your time, your energy, your life with those
around you.  You'll be able to give more freely and joyfully
as a result, and you'll be more open to the gifts of
the universe.  It's not wrong to give to others.
But it's okay to say yes to ourselves, too.

-Melody Beattie-


  1. let me know if you ever find the answer :)

  2. You've touched on a very difficult subject...we must take the break with we can and fit all the other stuff into those places between breaks...and good luck to us all...

  3. The sunshine and shadow quilt is beautiful!

  4. Balance is the ultimate thing that is just out of reach in my life as well. You've got many years left to figure that one out Mary. I expect when you do for you to share it ; )

  5. I don't do that "keep going without asking for help" thing. I do mostly what I want to do. But I still need to find balance.

    I'll be 74, before March ends.... And I STILL haven't found balance, to make me feels in equilibrium.

    Good luck to both of us!

  6. Don't look at me!!!!
    I don't have the answer! ;0)

  7. Balance is a tricky vixen. Just when I think I have it, I fall on my face!

    And I hear you about those "little things." They get to me too.

    Love your flowery blog background - lovely!

  8. Ahhh My Sister of Light...Such a loaded post this is. Balance...may very well be one of those elusive conceptions we search for and try to attain our whole life long. And maybe that is a good thing as it keeps our wits working!

    Some days I just have to let one thing go in order to do another, so choice plays a big part, don't you think?

    Sending Love and Hugs off to You!