Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artemis: Moon goddess to Greeks and Amazons. Associated with the waxing Moon. Also referred to as the Bear Goddess, Hunter of Souls, Goddess of wild places and wild animals. Known to be a shapeshifter. Associated with young girls, enchantment, magick, sorcery, and healing. Her symbols are night, earth, nature, and hunting. She was often prayed to during childbirth, as she was considered a 'defender' of women.

She was a virgin goddess of the hunt who ran through the wilderness with female attendants whose chastity she guarded as fiercely as her own.

Write a poem or a journal exercise in which you explore her powers and characteristics, including wild animals and nature, deer and their antlers, the promotion and protection of life, fertility and chastity, initiation rites, the night sky and themes of sanctity, transformation, and respect. Think about how these attributes relate to the Moon and its cyclical phases. Create a piece of artwork that explores the goddess' various aspects and attributes. Or create an altar to honor Artemis, utilizing a green cloth, a set of deer's antlers, symbols of Artemis' bow and the crescent Moon, images of wild animals, a wand or other object made of will, chestnut, or cedar.

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