Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Friday.

Good morning and a very happy Friday. It's a cold day here in Brooklyn. Winter has arrived. I've been having a lot of shoulder and shoulder blade pain lately so I've been typing as little as possible as this seems to aggravate it. (Need a new chair. Mine is too low).

So, for the time being I will only be publishing one blog a day. Today I published on "On Turning 70" Hope to see you there.


  1. Yup...cold here as well...and dampish. I think I will post about my chair one of these has a mind of its own lol.

  2. Happy weekend. I hope your shoulder pain settles.

  3. When that cold finally arrived, it was shocking to the system. However, it is December. I am hearing talk about the possibility of snow on Monday and that shivered me timbers.

  4. Winter has arrived here also. We had snow a couple days ago, about 3 or so inches I'd say. Freezing rain yesterday which has pretty much turned EVERYTHING into a block of ice. Today is looking like an inversion set it and I've been watching the frosty fog creep in all day. This week we have temps in the 20s coming with more snowy days.
    Hope your shoulder gets to feeling better!