Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas memories

At Christmas
A man is at his finest towards the finish of the year;
He is almost what he should be when the Christmas season's here;
Then he's thinking more of others than he's thought the months before,
And the laughter of his children is a joy worth toiling for.
He is less a selfish creature than at any other time;
When the Christmas spirit rules him he comes close to the sublime...

Edgar Guest

Last night my son Jerry and my daughter Lisa surprised me with a night on the town.  We first ate at Walburgers Coney Island, then headed over to Dyker Heights, the magical Christmas village of Brooklyn, and ended the evening with hot chocolate at an Italian Pastry shop.  Never tasted hot chocolate like it.  We had the special--hot chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cinnamon, and whipped cream.  What an awesome night...and so many pictures to share.   

 My son Jerry with his girlfriend, Tahnee closest to us.  My daughter, Lisa, and her friend in the back.  My friend Ellen next to them, and of course, me next to Jerry.

 My daughter and her friend, Peppi.
 Jerry and Tahnee
 What a cheerful little out of the way place.

A kind soul took this picture of all of us in Dyker Heights.

Didn't want to overwhelm.  More to come.


  1. What a lovely family time. Memories to cherish.

  2. It looks like a wonderful night. I am very happy for you.

  3. Looks like such a fun time! And a surprise too? Extra-special!