Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let Us Never Forget

Good morning everyone. This morning I am off to church, a quick trip to the market, and then heading back home. It's still kind of hot and humid with possible showers on the way, and my bones are aching from all the physical labor I did yesterday, but it is so worth it. Love fall and all of its colors.

On this day 15 years ago I was working in a Halfway House for alcoholics and addicts on the corner of Bowery and Bleecker in the village, a little over two miles from the World Trade Center. I'd just arrived at work and was settling into my office as the 47 clients I was responsible for were preparing for their morning meeting. Suddenly, just before the meeting began, a client ran in asking if she could use the phone. A plane had hit the World Trade Center, and she was worried because her mom worked there.

I'll never forget that day. My co-workers could not make it in, so I was alone there trying to console 47 clients, moving from one to the other allowing each to share their feelings. Many tears were shed. I had to be strong, even though inside I was just distraught as they were. So we all settled in, glued to the news. Several clients wanted to go help. I had my orders not to let them. Outside debris was falling all around us. The world was gray as debris fell all around. 

One thing that really remains in my memory is when I arrived to work on 9/12. I came up the subway stairs to a world of silence. The usually busy streets were devoid of cars and almost all pedestrians. In their place were Army trucks,, soldiers with guns, patrolling the streets. It was like I had stepped into another world. In fact, it was another world. The world had changed on 9/11. 

Let us never forget.

Have a blessed day.